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Saigon NFTs Marketplace will make it easy for you “Where you define your intellectual property & keep value in the best way”. This platform creates and stores NFT in many fields such as: music, painting, sports, design, garden, … 

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What is NFT Marketplace?

NFT Marketplace is a decentralized platform where users can create, store, buy & sell NFTs (non fungible tokens). To trade on the NFTs Marketplace, you need to have a blockchain wallet that supports the type of NFTs you want to buy and sell. You need to have money in your E-wallet before making all the transactions, such as creating or auctioning NFTs.

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What is Saigon NFTs?

  • Saigon NFTs is a decentralized marketplace where users can generate, store, buy & sell NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

  • Saigon NFTs Marketplace connects and collaborates with Strategic Partners globally.

Hightlighted Features

We created an NFT market and NFT tokens evolution which is the only transparent and verifiable piece of information scarcity in the blockchain. We develop NFTs by mathematical verification of individual certificates or licenses. Our non-fungible tokens are used as collectibles and in-game items. NFT tokens (NFTs) are digital assets of unique value, and they are different from their crypto counterparts.


It’s not possible to divide NFT tokens into tiny denominations.

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Every non-fungible token has an owner; the ownership can be verified easily.

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NFT tokens are available for purchase on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges. NFTs’ owners benefit from the improved trading platforms because its possibilities are practically limitless.

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One can trade NFTs in a non-stop regime. That is why their liquidity is rather high. A great range of customers might have an interest in buying or selling these NFT tokens.

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In the minds of many, an NFT platform stands for complicated mechanics that involve forging, crafting, and generating. This niche has an endless amount of chances and variations. It is a great space for creativity.

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Programmers can enforce various particular characteristics that are impossible to alter after once launched.

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A smart and secure way to invest in NFT.

While non-fungible tokens (aka NFTs) might be confusing to many, one thing is clear (even to newbies) – NFTs are growing rapidly in popularity. Over the years, there were some interesting developments, with statistics, 2021 has delivered a number of noteworthy statistics.

How it works


Unique Buyers

Q2-2020 to Q2-2021 it worked out to an increase of over 450%.


and valuations keep rising.

There are around 28.6 million wallets trading NFTs as of 2021.

Top NFT Trade Collections


Non Fungible Token engage humongous industries that depend on creativity. Developing a NFT stage draws in a wide range of enterprises in the market to upgrade their business in the marketplace.

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Build your storefront

Brands and owners can build a storefront, making access to the decentralized web as easy as uploading a logo and customizing brand color scheme.

  • The NFT storefront is a general-purpose Cadence contract for trading NFTs on Flow.
  • NFT Storefront uses modern Cadence run-time type facilities to implement a marketplace that can take any currency in order to vend any token in a safe and secure way.

Define your collection

Organize collections to indicate scarcity and allow buyers to browse NFTs.

  • While it would be great to magically generate a unique collection of 10,000 characters, you need to provide some basic stuff.
  • t is the most practical type of design, and how unique you wish to make it is entirely up to you. There are tons of photo editing tools you can use to generate custom images.

Mint your collectibles

After a collection is defined, digitize your items with the click of a button. Create and issue your NFTs in minutes.

  • You can create an NFT that also implements the use of smart contracts allowing you to write your own terms for each realistic painting.
  • For example, you can write terms such as: “With the purchase of this NFT, you will receive 1 realistic painting”

List your collectibles

List your collection on your own website or storefront, or on any third-party marketplace.

  • The biggest NFT projects are ones with clearly-defined roadmaps, comprehensive support, and a solid presence on different channels.
  • This not only helps build trust but also generates value as investors understand how passionate the creators are. Using a mixture of these strategies is bound to do the trick.

Sell or Auction

Auto-execute sale of digital items and transfer of ownership with no code or human interaction.

  • Selling NFTs isn’t just for digital creators. Some collectors trade from their collection of NFTs.

  • If you have previously purchased an NFT from a creator or from another collector on a marketplace, you can list those for sale as well.


After the main sale there is activate secondary trading with other NFT traders.

  • Selling your NFTs on the secondary market (a transaction not involving the original NFT creator) is the same process listed above except there’s no need to create the digital asset.
  • Just transfer the NFT to the marketplace where you want to sell it (if it currently isn’t already there, or if you are storing your NFTs only in your personal crypto wallet and don’t have them available to be viewed on a marketplace). Then click on the “Sell” button from within the page of the NFT you want to sell. Gas fees and marketplace listing fees will apply and will reduce your final take-home amount, as will any royalties that the original NFT creator has set.

How it works?

  • Saigon NFTs helps you to create your NFT platform with robust technology. Our NFT development process provides high customization freedom and allows you to become a frontrunner in the NFT field by availing of the services of Saigon NFTs.
  • Major brands have had varying degrees of success tapping into this niche market issuing and collecting NFTs. At Saigon NFTs, we leverage our deep understanding of the NFT market to build a white-label NFT experience for your organization.
  • Reach us for a complimentary estimate on NFT Marketplace Development Services in Singapore, Europe, United Arab Emirates and globally.

Solving the industries biggest problems

Saigon NFTs have helped several organizations with their IT automation requirements and and new product offerings. Our team of Blockchain & NFT experts have successfully delivered variety of projects across industries.

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